Credit Card Processing

We offer integrated credit card processing to enable you to easily:

  • Allow bidders to pay for auction tickets and items online
  • Capture credit card information during registration and charge them later
  • Process credit card payments directly during checkout

Credit cards are handled through - a popular and secure payment provider used by thousands of sites across the internet.

To process credit cards you open an account at which is a very quick and straight forward process, and usually paperwork free! Processing fees depend on your license level and vary from 0.2% ot 0.5% on top of the normal fees (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction in the US/Canada).


Is this secure?

Yes. The credit card numbers you enter are always transmitted over an encrypted connection to the servers. They handle all the PCI security requirements and the credit card numbers are never even seen by our servers.

How do I get the money?

The processing of the charges and the transfer of the proceeds is handled through Stripe, we are not directly involved in the flow of funds. As part of setting your Stripe account you will need to provide them with bank account details that specify where the funds should be deposited. Stripe's policy is to transfer funds 7 days after the charge has been made and it usually takes a day or two after that for the funds to appear in your bank account.

Can I capture a credit card during registration and charge the bidder later?

Yes. You can register a card against a bidder and then later process a charge against the card without reentering the number.

Can I process checkout as a batch?

Yes. If you have registered credit cards against bidders then you can checkout all your bidders at once using the batch checkout feature which will charge their cards and record the payments.

What about refunds?

If you need to refund a charge you can do that directly from the site. All of the fees associated with the charge will be refunded as well, so there is no net cost to you.

Is credit card processing available offline?

No. You must be using the web site directly to process charges, they can not be done through the offline client.

What should I use to swipe cards?

See our page on credit card readers for details on what we support.

I have an existing credit processor - can I use them?

You can certainly process charges through your existing processor, and record the payments on our site the same as if the bidder had paid with cash or check (and there are no additional fees for this). But the process will not be as integrated as doing everything through one application.

If am based in the UK, can I accept payments?

Yes. is now available in the UK in addition to the US and Canada.

If am based in the 'country X', can I accept payments?

Maybe. is rapidly expanding the set of countries it is able to accept payments in. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have support for PayPal or

Not at this time.