MUST DO: Facebook Video for Auction Promotion

MUST DO: Facebook Video for Auction Promotion

Facebook videos are a MUST do to promote the auction fundraiser. Luckily Facebook has made this super simple. Ever notice how many videos you see on your Facebook thread? This is not a coincidence. FB algorithms are favoring videos and this can help gain attention for a fundraising auction.

Prepare for Facebook Video by Choosing Photos

In advance have 3-10 photos chosen that you want use, This can be photos of last years auction event, current flyer or screenshots of the auction website. Got more than 10 to share? Make a second or third video.

Timing of Posts

Space out the timing of your posts so as not to bombard your followers. Vary the day of the week as well as time of day. Facebook allows posts to be saved as Draft or Scheduled. Take the time to create a few and schedule the posts leading up to the big auction day.

Follow Along

Here are some simple instructions how to make a Facebook video.







More Auction Promotion Tips

Promoting the auctions is snap using Snapchat Geofilters

Think of yourself as marketer, not just a fundraiser

Early promotion of the auction increase helps with procurement and attendance